Bringing Home The Gold

The 2016 Olympics are over.  The athletes have returned home, many with bronze, silver gold medals.  The gold medal is the ultimate reward for a journey of hard work, sacrifice and dedication.  Imagine how incredible it must feel to reach that goal; to win the approval of peers, coaches, family and people around the world.

And then, imagine the fall from grace; the loss of approval, a medal revoked because of the use of some banned substance.  Or the medal is retained, but the image is tarnished by an irresponsible or thoughtless act. In an attempt to gain or maintain approval, it is miserably lost.

Outer approval can be lost or stolen. It is impermanent. Even encased in a glass case, over time the gold medal will lose its power as the human mind begins to once again seek approval; to feel worthy, validated and valuable.

Each of us have this tendency to seek approval through something outside of ourselves.  Gold medalists seek approval of peers, family, coaches and the world.  Politicians seek the approval of voters. Teens seek approval of their peers.  Even the terrorists seek approval. Their need for approval is so strong they will cause harm to anyone who stands in the way. But the quest for approval is never fulfilled until the seeker recognizes that what they seek is in their very midst, that it has been theirs all along.   

The introduction to the 2016 Olympics stated that there is a little bit of gold in every human body.  It is true. There is a trace amount of gold in the elements that make up the human body. Could it be that we value this golden metal because it is something in us that we seek to increase?  When we are thirsty, we crave water.  When we are hungry, we crave food. Perhaps the human fascination with gold is a deep desire to increase an element already present within us.  

Throughout history, gold has been considered immensely valuable.  It is a symbol of wealth, richness, and perfection.  It does not tarnish. It is strong yet malleable and easily formed into intricate shapes and designs.  It is the least reactive of all metals used in conducting electricity.  Gold is a unique and valuable substance.  But what function in our bodies causes us to crave this glittery substance?

Gold serves as a conductor of electrical signals throughout the body.  It is related to the health and maintenance of our joints.  It is no wonder that we crave this substance and want to have more of it.  For don’t we all wish to have stronger signals between our higher self and our earthly actions?  And don’t we all wish we could be more flexible physically, emotionally and spiritually?    

Physiologically seeking gold makes perfect sense.  But what does it signify spiritually?  After all, we are not our bodies.  We are spiritual beings manifesting in a human form.  Charles Fillmore believed that the energy centers of our spiritual body play a role in the formation of our physical organs.  If this is so, what creates the element of gold in us?

The spiritual power of Wisdom, an energy center near the solar plexus, is Yellow, the color most commonly attributed to gold.  The power of Spiritual Understanding is gold.  The crown chakra, sometimes illustrated as indigo is also seen as gold.  We see this depicted in paintings Jesus, the saints and other spiritual leaders who had a visible, golden aura about their heads.  

Perhaps, the gold we seek, the approval we seek, is what is already within us in trace amounts craving to be increased.  Perhaps the power of wisdom calls from within us to be made more prominent.  Perhaps the faculty of Spiritual Understanding aches to be heard, to direct our choices and actions.  Perhaps, the Crown Chakra, the golden glow of Christ Consciousness seeks to be more fully revealed in us.  The gold in us calls us to a richer, fuller expression of God. It calls us to an awareness that we are already approved, valuable and worthy.  It calls us to be flexible and non-reactive in our choices and actions.  It calls us to a greater connection with the indwelling Christ.  We bring home the gold in us when we listen to this inner calling and draw it forth in all of our experiences.   

© 2016.  Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra