Capturing the Spirit of Peace

Our brother and master teacher Jesus is often referred to as the “Prince of Peace.”  What would it take for us to capture the Spirit of Peace and embrace it as he did?  As we move closer to the celebration of both the birth of Jesus the Christ and the rebirth of the Christ within us, let us practice Peace in some real and tangible ways. As we do these things, we commit ourselves to Being the Peace and expanding the consciousness of Peace in the world.

Below, you will find an synopsis of Seven Practices for Peace excerpted from Deepak Chopra's book, Peace is the Way. Jesus was called Prince of Peace and he told us the He was the WAY. If Jesus is the Prince of Peace, then perhaps practicing Peace is the WAY to experiencing peace in our own lives and in the world.

Seven Practices for Peace (excerpt from Deepak Chopra's book Peace is the Way)

Sunday, BE Peace: Spend 5 minutes meditating for peace.  

Sit quietly with eyes closed. … attention on your heart and silently repeating the words: "Peace, Harmony, Laughter, Love." Allow the words to radiate from your heart out to your body for 5 minutes. As you end your meditation, say to yourself, "Today I let go of all resentments and grievances." As an additional focus on peace, you may choose to bring into your mind anyone against whom you have a grievance and make a choice today to let it go and send forgiveness … OR include an ancient Hawaiian Ho'oponopono forgiveness practice which acknowledges our own part in all experiences by saying these words: "I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you."

Monday: Think Peace–"Stand guard the portals of your mind" as Emerson said.

If you feel fear, frustration, or anything that disturbs your peace, repeat: "Let me be loved, let me be happy, let me be peaceful." 
But don’t stop there - ADD: "Let my friends be loved, happy and peaceful. Let my perceived enemies be loved, happy and peaceful. Let all beings be loved, happy and peaceful. Let the whole world experience these things." (Repeat as needed)

Tuesday: Feel Peace … experience emotions of peace, begining with COMPASSION, UNDERSTANDING, AND LOVE 

Deepak Chopra says in Peace is the Way, page 26, “Compassion is the feeling of shared suffering. When you feel someone else's suffering, there is the birth of understanding…  When you understand that you aren't alone in your suffering, there is the birth of love.  When there is love there is the opportunity for peace.” Throughout the day on Tuesday, look for ways to feel compassion, nurture understanding and express love.

Wednesday: Speak Peace

Set this intention, “Today every word I utter will be chosen consciously. I will refrain from complaints, condemnation, and criticism.” (Or as the Four Agreements would say, "Be Impeccable with Your Word." On Wednesday, set the intention to consciously choose every word you utter and refrain from complaints, condemnation, and criticism.  Then add to that the following:
  1. Tell someone how much you appreciate them.
  2. Express genuine gratitude to someone who has helped and loved you.
  3. Offer healing or nurturing words to someone who needs them.
  4. Show respect to someone whose respect you value.

Thursday: Act Peace

Let this be a day to help someone, to perform some random act of kindness
Help can take many forms. Bring a smile to a stranger's face. If someone acts in a hurtful way, respond with a gesture of loving kindness, give an anonymous gift, help someone without expecting, gratitude or recognition… think of your own way of acting from a consciousness of peace

Friday: Create Peace

Come up with at least one creative idea to resolve a conflict, in your personal life, with family, with friends, or in the workplace. Change an old habit. Look at someone in a new way. Offer words you never offered before. Plan activity that brings people together.

Saturday: Share Peace … share the practice with at least two other people

As more of us participate in the practice of peace, the energy of peace will expand into a critical mass. And who know what critical mass is needed to manifest peace in the world? Maybe it is just you embracing this practice and sharing it with just two more people.