The Christ And I As One

Samuel, the first of the Prophets in the Hebrew Scriptures, responds to the call of God with the words “Here I Am. Speak Lord, I’m Listening.”  And in that moment Samuel’s life is forever changed.  His eyes and ears are opened to the presence of God in his very midst.  He becomes a prophet, one who sees and hears the Word, the perfect idea of life expressing from the Mind of God.

But these words do not come until he has heard the call three times. At first, he does not recognize the guidance of Spirit. Rather, he believes it is his mater Eli who calls upon him.  Samuel is young. He represents in us that which is innocent and that which belongs fully to Spirit, capable of hearing, seeing and feeling the presence of God in our very midst.  And, Samuel is in service to Eli who represents the personal identity whose eyes have grown dim.   Asleep, and in service to the personal identity, we may not recognize our oneness with Spirit.  Our eyes may be dim to the higher self or Christ in us continuously calling us higher and guiding us through the seas of life. We may even ask “Who? Me? Who am I to be the perfect expression of God in the world?” The answer of course is “Who are you not to be?”  You are not only deserving of being aligned with the Christ in you, it is inevitable.  You have never been separate from this aspect of you, only asleep to it.

The words “Here I AM,” indicate a choice made from an awakened state of consciousness.  Fully awake to our oneness in God a merging of the personal identity with the Christ in us is possible.  When we say ‘Yes, Here I AM.’  the universe instantly rushes in to support the transformation.  The gates are open and the Christ self, flows easily and effortlessly into all aspects of being; Spirit, soul and body.

When a ship enters a sea lock a choice has been made to enter another level of water.  Once in the chamber, the lock master opens sluice gates allowing water to flow in, gently lifting the ship so it can safely navigate a higher sea.  The alignment is slow but steady, almost imperceptible at first.  Once the waters of both seas have been merged, the ship continues its journey in another level of sea.  And so it is with our own transformation.  Once the choice is made, once we recognize the possibility that we can align with a higher realm of being, the gates are open and all that we need to lift us higher flows in.

The master of the sea gates in us is our Christ self, flooding the chamber of our consciousness with opportunities for growth, with grace, guidance, and greater intuition, elevating our consciousness to greater possibilities.  And it all begins with a choice.  It begins with awakening to the Truth that we are indeed the Word of God in expression.  It begins with knowing that the Christ self, the perfect self, is always available, always speaking, always calling to us, always guiding us.  Merging with the Christ of us begins with saying Yes. I am awake, I am worthy. Here I am! Speak the Word of Truth in me. Speak the Word of Peace in me.  Speak the Word of God in me. Speak Lord, I Am listening.

© 2016. Rev. Eileen DeRosia Patra

Rev. Eileen is an ordained Unity minister currently serving as the spiritual leader at Unity of Livonia.  This article, “The Christ and I As One” is an excerpt from her Sunday message, “Who? Me?” shared on July 31st.  Stay tuned for her message “Let’s Go Bouldering,” Sunday, August 7th at 10 am at Unity of Livonia.