Climbing into the LAP of God

Ever feel the need to climb into someone’s lap for comfort?  Perhaps you’ve been feeling angry or sad or afraid. Perhaps you’ve been feeling alone, and memories of climbing into a parent’s lap are a comforting thought.  As we grow in life it becomes a bit impractical to sit on our parent’s laps, but we are never too big, too grown up or too anything to climb into the LAP of God.

Now God does not have a lap that looks like mine or yours. But God is the very essence of a LAP.  God is the comfort we seek. God is the Love we long for.  God is the understanding and wisdom that we desire.
If you are need of the most comforting LAP of all, practice these three things and you will find yourself not only in the LAP of God, but enfolded in all that God is…

L – Love.  Remember that LOVE is an attribute of God and God is everywhere present.  You are not only Loved by God, you are the Love of God in expression.  Divine Love is infinite and inexhaustible.  It is unconditional and available always. Nothing, “no-thing,” can take this Love from you, for it is the Truth of who and what you are.

A – Action.  Action, aligned with the Love that you are, is the key to positive change.  Whatever is causing discomforting feelings is transformed when we take action aligned with Divine Love.  Anger, fear and sadness can affect positive and lasting change when our actions are guided by Love and Wisdom.   

P – Prayer. Prayer is conscious communication with God.  It is your opportunity to pause and turn your thoughts away from outer circumstances and discomforting feelings. It is the chance to be still and simply BE with God. And in that quiet, silent instant, Divine Wisdom whispers words of guidance revealing right action, aligned with Divine Love.


© 2017. Rev. Eileen Patra