Creating The Extraordinary

At the wedding feast in Cana, Jesus performs His first miracle, the transformation of water, that which is ordinary, to something extraordinary; and according to the chief steward, ‘... the best wine for last.’ This is a highly appropriate introduction to the ministry of Jesus which provided us with the tools to transform an ordinary way of life to an extraordinary life awakened in Spirit.

The extraordinary is that which is spectacular, beyond expectations, beyond what is usual, regular or established. It is exceptional in character, amount or degree.  Creating the extraordinary in our lives, in our relationships and in the world occurs when two vital aspects of being, the thinking and feeling natures, are woven together under the direction of the inner Christ.   

The illustration of the wedding at Cana is rich in metaphysical meaning. The city itself, Cana means city of cane or reeds, something that is woven together. A wedding is the uniting of two people, but symbolically it is the weaving together of the thinking and feeling natures.

It is significant that the first person mentioned in the story is not Jesus. It is Mary, his mother, a symbol of Divine Love, Intuition and the feeling nature. The first words spoken are Mary’s who notices that the wine has run out. In us, this is perhaps a feeling that something has run out or there is something lacking in our lives. And it is this inner stirring that looks to the Christ within for help.

Jesus responds with “What is that to us? My time has not come.” As I child I was taught that we could ask anything of Jesus through Mary who would intercede on our behalf and this story seemed to illustrate that. But the deeper meaning is more significant. It is the catalyst for a total shift in consciousness!

When Jesus says “My time has not come,” he is stating that the feeling nature is still the first voice we hear, still the voice that live from. What Jesus, our Christ nature, is waiting for is a shift in consciousness to hearing first the Christ mind or Higher Self first in all of our affairs.

Mary, hearing what Jesus says, looks to the servants who represent our thoughts, and says “Do whatever He tells you.” From this point on Jesus becomes the star character of the story. This shift sets the stage for the transformation of the ordinary substance of water to the extraordinary substance of wine.

This is the true meaning of the first miracle of Jesus. It is a living parable illustrating the miracle that takes place in our lives when we allow the Christ in us to become the star of our story, the director of our every thought, feeling and action. From this place in consciousness there is no lack, no limitation and the wine, the elixir of spiritual life, never runs out.

© 2016 Reverend Eileen Patra