Dare to Dream

Imagination is the power through which what we Dare to Dream is made manifest.  It is our ability to hold an image or idea in our minds and bring it to realization.  Memory allows us to travel to the past; Imagination allows us to create the future.
Everyone has the power to Imagine.  It is an innate faculty, fully human and fully divine in nature.  Our human capacity to imagine sometimes manifests our fears and worries.  Our spiritualized faculty of imagination transcends worry and fear.  It is unlimited and capable of realizing the innermost image written upon our hearts. 
Imagination is a vital part of the creative process.  One does not have to be an artist or musician to be creative. Everyone is creative.  Made in the image and likeness of the Creator, we create our experiences though the thoughts and images we hold in mind. And we have the ability to direct this creative process. 
What we Dare to Dream, our most treasured and perhaps hidden talent or ability can be brought to life employing these four essential spiritual faculties.
Imagination: The ability to hold an Image.  This does not have to be a finished painting or photograph. Everyone can hold an image or idea in their mind.  If you don’t think you can do this try not thinking about Green Elephants.  Where did your mind just go?  It immediately began to IMAGine a green elephant.  Simply hold the idea of what you choose to manifest in your mind as already done.
Power of the Word: The ability to speak and affirm.  When we speak, we create a vibration that begins in our throat and radiates outward.  The words we speak carry a vibration that draws to it similar energies and vibrations.  Our words give energy to our thoughts. When we choose words that affirm that which we Dare to Dream, we begin to build a more vibrant image and we grow new pathways in our brains.  The image begins to take form through our affirmative words.
Faith: The ability to step into the dream.  Faith is not simply a mental process by which we believe something we don’t actually see.  Faith is the absolute conviction that what is not yet seen is now unfolding.  It is a conviction so powerful that we step into it.  We begin to act as though what we Dare to Dream is already done.  “... faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1
Love: The ability to harmonize thoughts, feelings and intentions.  The power of Love is at the very core of our being. God is Love and therefore we too are Love.  Through Love, we release anger, fear and judgment; energies that block the creative process.  Through Love, we release any belief in limitation. Through Love we love ourselves enough to let God in and what we Dare to Dream really does come through.
© 2016.  Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra