Elder Workshop


Meets in Youth Room.

9/18/22 - What Makes You YOU

One-hundred-and-fifty years ago, my 3rd great-grandmother loaded a spinning wheel and accessories on the boat to journey to the new land of America.  What possessed her to lug this rather large artifact, a prized possession amongst her worldly items she could haul on a boat?  How I wish to have known more about her and her life, her values, the politics of her day, even what a day in a life was like for her.  We now have this opportunity to record our legacy for our descendants in a fun and spontaneous way, so they are not wondering about what our lives were like.  Elderlaw Attorney, Geriatric Care Manager and Licensed Professional Counselor Sue E. Fabian will take you on the grand adventure called your life. 

9/25/22 - Basic Estate Planning

What’s really important to complete to make sure our legal affairs are in order?  The “Big 3” will be discussed: Will, Medical Power of Attorney, Financial Power of Attorney.  Circumstances under which a trust would be useful will also be covered, along with beneficiary designations and how assets are titled.  You may be surprised who gets what if you believe a Will takes care of everything.  Elderlaw Attorney, Geriatric Care Manager and Licensed Professional Counselor Sue E. Fabian will explain the basics so you can walk away knowing which legal documents are best for your circumstances.