Enrolling in a Master's of Spirituality

A master’s program requires that you select an area of focus, directing your studies and practicum toward that goal. In our Masters of Spirituality theme during the season of graduations, our focus is on living from a consciousness of Oneness; Oneness with God, Oneness with one another, and Oneness with all of Life.

In our metaphor of the education system, we are working toward a Master’s or a God “AS” me level of consciousness, leaving behind the kindergarten, or “Why Me?” mode of thinking and being. Our practicum this week is “Practicing the Presence,” and cultivating a Conscious Connection with Spirit. God is always present, always around us and within us. Divine Wisdom is always available, always whispering words of guidance and seeking to be expressed through and as us. But, are we listing?  Are we allowing? And, are we following?

Think for a moment about a time when you were certain you were receiving a “holy nudge;” some moment when words of wisdom flowed into your mind from the still, small inner voice. Or perhaps there was an outer sign to an inner question; a billboard with the perfect answer to the question on your heart, or words of reassurance. Maybe you heard words spoken by a friend or stranger, not invoked but somehow speaking to a question deep within you. There are many ways in which Spirit communicates with our conscious minds. You have no doubt experienced these moments of connection. The question is did you listen? And, what was the result?

I once received a message from a persistent voice within. As I dressed for a cousin’s wedding I heard these words, “don’t wear those shoes.” They were lovely shoes, white platforms with heels a mile high. They fastened ever so delicately at the ankle with little white ribbons. More than once, I heard “don’t wear those shoes.” But they were beautiful and they made me feel so tall. I wore them anyway.

At the wedding, my husband and I danced a highly spirited, energetic polka and I fell off the side of the lovely, but unstable shoe. And then I polkaed all the way to the emergency room where the doctor said, “Let’s get an x-ray and see what you broke.”

I spent six weeks in a cast. I was in college and had just started a summer job a half hour’s drive from home, but it was my right foot and driving was impossible. Oh, how I wished I had listened to that quiet, persistent little voice inside my head!

Our homework this week for our Masters in Spirituality program is to listen, to pay attention and notice the holy nudges, the quiet but persistent words that well up in our minds. However you receive the Wisdom of the Divine, a feeling, a word, a song, or a billboard, pay attention! Listen and then follow with a focused intention of cultivating a constant, conscious connection with the Divine.  And then, observe the results.