Expanding Consciousness thru Spiritual Purging

Like evolution, expansion is a constant and ongoing process. The universe is expanding.  Humankind and human consciousness continually evolve and expand. Our concept of God has expanded over time, from an early image of a judgmental, transcendent creator to a loving father to an all-pervading presence in which we live, move and have being. And, our concept of self, our awareness of a higher self intricately connected to God as source also grows and expands over time.

Expanding in consciousness increases our capacity to love, to feel compassion, peace, harmony and security.  But the ongoing process of expansion can be hindered by fearand limited thinking; by clinging to a concept of self built upon past experiences and future fears. But stretching beyond the circumference of the false self concept we create more space for Spirit in our lives and we expand our awareness of the Spiritual or Higher Self.

Expansion of Consciousness can be encouraged through a process I call

Spiritual Purging:

Prayer & Meditation … connecting with divine; contemplating our unique expression of Spirit, the unique gift we bring to the world.
Unconditional Happiness … committing to a state of happiness without qualifiers or conditions; not I'll be happy when.... but I AM happy. Things may occur that induce sadness or loss but I don't have to stay there.
Release ... releasing the conditions that come up. Honor them and them let them go. Let go of the false self-concept, thoughts that no longer serve and things we no longer use. This creates space and space creates expansion'
Give …Giving creates space and what we give is multiplied. Giving encourages us to replace fear with trust. The gift we share blesses another and is returned to us multiplied in the right and perfect form at the right  time.
Expand ...  beyond the circumference of self