Festival Exhibitors

Exhibitor                              Product


                                                                      Reiki 4 Me - Kristina Greene- Reiki & Medium

                                                                      Mystic Connections-Adrianna Lesniak- Reader & Jewelry

                                                                      Christa Lynn - Schoenherr- Reader, Crystals, Jewelry

                                                                      Ark Crystals -Edouard Ponist- Tarot, Crystals

                                                                      Psychic Readings by Cindy- Medium Cards Palmistry

                                                                      Readins Alfreda's Gift to Do - Alfreda Bell

                                                                      The Oracle's Glass -Myra Walton- Tarot, Crystal Ball

                                                                      Readings with Gail Embery- Intuitive, Tarot

                                                                      Readings by Sandra Cronin- Medium Tarot Intuitive

                                                                      Terrance Ryan- Clairvoyant & Flame Readings

                                                                      Ron Muka Music- Psychic Medium Readings

                                                                      Mindy Liteman- Reader Tarot Numerology

                                                                      Marilyn Morgan- Physic Energy Healing

                                                                      Connected by Spirit - Jody Higgins

    Bill Hobart Clairvoyant Medium Psychic


Jewelry/Bags/Clothing Products

                                                                      Sutherland Style -Cherly Labes - African Shirts/Braclets

                                                                     The Charmed Crystal-Melanie Kinzer- Crystals Jewelry

                                                                      Jingling Jewelry- Sharon Jones- Gem Stones Bracelets

                                                                      White Owl - Diana Wells- Jewelry, Stones, Bowls

                                                                     Natures Galleria -Wynne Superson-Crystals,Shungite Wands

                                                                      Buy the Change - Kari Hughes- Products Made by Women

Nutrition and Skin Care Products

                                                                     Mindful Minerals -Lisa Osiecki/Organic Skin Care Products 

                                                                     Arbonne - Susan Rodriguez

                                                                     Youngevity - Betty Hines- Health Products



Health Coach and Life Coach                                        

                                                                   Wise Owl Ent.  Norma Nicholson- Coach Motivational Speaker

                                                                   The Resiliene Group - Jaia Amore- Life Coach/ Books

      Kat's Out of the Bag/Kat's Creations - Kathryn Burtney

                                                                  Sure to Inspire Coaching -Kathleen Paulbeck- Life & Health

Bio Mat/Bemer

                                                                  Bemer Therapy -Donna Sienkiewicz 

                                                                  Voxx Socks and Bio Mat -Diane Carlisle

Massage/Essential Oils/Food

                                                                  D&D Essentials LLC - do-Terra Oils/Accessories -Dawn Daniels -

                                                                  The Tree House - Christine Mento- Food/ Massage/ Oils

                                                                  Transcendessence- Donna Rector- Massage/ Essential Oils

                                                                  Akupara Myomassology -Patrica Lawson- Message Hot Rocks

Aura Photos

                                                                A1 Aura Photo and Chakras - Jack and Susan Lewis

Health and Well Being

                                                                  Chanadan Paramaswara Pranic Healing -

                                                                  Val Talia

                                                                  Juanita's Treasures -Juanita Piazza - Spirtual Healing Grids  

                                                                  Pure Chiropractic -Dr. John Thomas- Chiropractic Health

                                                                  Sobriety Consultants - Nancy Messer/Larry MacCarrick                                                                       



                                                                 Creative Spirit Studios- Tonya Henderson- Energy Portaits

                                                                 Aetisanal Luna - Dawn Adamson -Meditation Rocks and

                                                                  Heartfulness Institute-Radhika Guduguntla- Teach Meditation

                                                                  Aetherius Society - Bonnie Watson - Books