Hope Is Where The Heart Is

Hope is the Light at the end of a tunnel. It is the glimpse of something better, something greater than the current experience.  It is the anticipation of the greatest of wishes, to be whole, to be safe, to be one with Life.

The apostle Paul wrote in his letter to the Colossians, “This mystery which has been kept hidden for ages … Is Christ in you, your Hope of glory.” (1:26-28 (NIV) He did not say Christ IS your hope of glory.  He said, Christ IN you is your hope of glory. This is the ultimate Light at the end of the tunnel; the Light that we glimpse from the tunnel vision of the human ego which believes it is separate from God.

In 1940 the film Pinocchio introduced the song, “When you wish upon A Star.” The lyrics claim that no matter who you are, a wish made upon a star can come true.  Hope, like a wish looks for something greater. The difference is that a wish usually defines a longing for something that may or may not be possible.  In contrast, a hope anticipates, knowing that what the heart desires is a glimpse of what can be.  

When you wish upon the star, you are wishing upon a light in the sky.  Paul tells us that the Light of the World, the Christ, is in us!  When we wish or hope upon this Light, we glimpse the glorious splendor of oneness and wholeness that is ours to claim.  What we perceive as a star in the sky is a glimpse of a greater body of Light.  The Christ presence in our hearts is a glimpse of the greater Light in which we all live, move and have being.  When we wish upon this STAR, our dreams really do come “through.”   

To bring this glimpse of Truth to our everyday lives we can begin by practicing upon this STAR:  

© 2015. Rev. Eileen Patra (inspired by UWM Video: "Advent: A Season of Hope”