House of Mirrors

At times life seems like a “House of Mirrors,” the carnival attraction reflecting distorted and disorienting images making it difficult to find our way.  The way out, past the distortions is not the way we came in. It is not in our past or in what is behind us.  It is not in the distorted reflections.  It is in the deepest place in the heart where we KNOW we are One with God.

Ordinary mirrors appear to reflect whatever is in their path, but they actually reflect light. The light bounces off whatever blocks it, reflecting back our bodies, hair, smile. eyes, and clothes. We use these mirrors to adjust our appearance. 

But life offers us another kind of mirror.  People, places, experiences, particularly the repeating patterns in our lives offer mirrors in which to check how we are showing up in any given moment.  The most challenging people in our lives may offer us an opportunity to adjust an aspect of our own consciousness.

If I don’t like my tie or the color of my hair, the reflection is not likely to change unless I change them. Likewise, the irritating behavior of another person in is not likely to change unless we change something about ourselves. When we make adjustments to our own consciousness, the reflection will do one of two things. It will change, or it will disappear.  The person reflecting an undesirable behavior will either adjust to what you are now projecting, or they will seek another situation that matches the vibration they project.

This is a great practice and of great benefit to our spiritual and emotional development. But there are times when it seems unfathomable that the reflection may be coming from us. Perhaps what we see is a collective consciousness reflection.  Or, it may be something deeply seated in the consciousness of another, inextricably woven into our experience.  And suddenly we begin to feel like we are lost in a “House of Mirrors.”

My brother taught me how to find my way out of the carnival House of Mirrors.  He told me to look at my feet.  Looking at the ground, the place where I stood I could see where the mirrors were attached to the floor and the path became quite clear.  And then, my brother said, “Look for where the light is coming in!”

To find our way in a world that reflects a myriad of distortions, looking to where we stand in consciousness reveals the path to peace and harmony.  Closing our physical eyes, the spiritual eye discovers where the Light is coming from, and it is coming through each of us! In this view, human reflections fall away and the Face of God is clearly revealed, shining through as each of us.  


© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra