It's About Time

Time is governed by physical laws such as the rotation of the earth and its orbit around the sun.  It is consistent.  It is predictable.  And, it is an illusion. Time has no significance once we leave the atmosphere and gravity of earth.

Time is relative not only to the laws of physics, but also to our human perception.  When we are enjoying ourselves time goes by quickly. When we are bored or anxious time seems to crawl. As children, time seems endless and infinite. As adults, time seems to move at a faster pace and we have a sense of it as an exhaustible resource.

We describe time with a vast array of adjectives; time is precious, time is ticking, time is on my side, time is running out, time is a gift, time is money, and even time is  ‘the enemy’.

In our human experience we may feel that time has power over us. But as spiritual beings we have the ability to transcend time, to harmonize with time and to utilize time as a tool for our spiritual evolution.

In the gospel of John (1), Jesus transcends time and space. The healing of the official’s son takes place without the child’s presence and occurs at the “seventh hour”. In analog time, this translates as 1:00 pm. But to translate the hour is to miss the point. 

The seventh hour notes that the words of Jesus and the healing were simultaneous, transcending space.  The number seven is a symbol of fulfillment. There were seven days of creation, seven Signs in the gospel of John, seven lamps in the tabernacle and temple. Jesus encouraged us to forgive seventy times seven. Seven is the number of major chakras or energy centers in the human body, the seventh of which transcends the physical body.  And, according to Charles Fillmore, there are “… seven centers in the organism, through which intelligence is expressed… seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling … in addition to these: intuition and telepathy.” 

Metaphysically we can interpret this passage as when we connect with the Christ Mind within us and BELIEVE, or have FAITH, what appeared to be separate or broken is instantly made whole. In a holy, simultaneous instant, the seventh hour, we transcend time and space and the spiritual Self is awakened.

And yet, we experience time as sequential, governed by physical laws and human perceptions. The passage of time provides us with the opportunity to review the past; our own and that of thousands of generations of humankind.  Our evolution as both human and spiritual beings is aided by this ability to compare what was, with what we hope will be.  

Looking behind us we see an unfathomable span of time; a planet 4.5 billion years old and 100,000 years of human evolution.  As humbling as this grand perspective may be, it can also be quite empowering. It can give us a greater sense of our integral place in the vast expanse of the universe and the significance of our individual role in it.  When we view the effects of a single person or small group on the history of humankind we begin to see how our own thoughts, words and actions flavor the experience of those who follow us.

And yet, most of us have experienced the “gift” of time as an “enemy” from time to time. Time perceived as an enemy can be quite formidable. It can cause us to feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and even hopeless.  It can keep us in a never-ending rush for a peace of mind that continues to elude us.

If time is showing up as an enemy, perhaps what Jesus taught us is the key to living in harmony with it. He said to “love your enemies.” What if we were to change our relationship with time?  What if time no longer defined our days, or anything about us? What if we chose to consistently “love” time?  What if we chose to see time as our friend? What if we chose to appreciate the gift of time?  Not just the time we spend doing what we love, but time in and of itself. What if we chose to love time as an opportunity to see ourselves as an integral part of a grand and infinite universe, as a tool for comparing what has been to what we hope will be? What if we chose to see time as a tool for our bringing what is truly alive in us into the seventh hour, a consciousness that transcends time and space and knows beyond all shadow of doubt that we are alive, awake and whole in Spirit?

The seventh hour is not a time of day, it is a consciousness in which we awaken to the Christ in us and the “whole house;” body, mind and Spirit know and give life to the Truth in all aspects of being, all of the time. It’s about time. Don’t you think?  

(1)    John 4:51-53. King James Version

© 2016. Reverend Eileen Patra