Laughter: The Medicine of the Heart

Laughter is the medicine of the heart.  It is a gift from God. Our ability to laugh in the midst of challenge is evidence of our ability to live in and from Divine Love.  It is the sound of pure joy emanating through us from the very heart of Spirit.  Just as a good cry cleanses our hearts, LAUGHTER quickly follows healing, renewing and shaking loose any remnants of stuck energy requiring release. LAUGHTER knows no race, no creed, no age.  It is a sound vibration that connects us on the deepest of levels.
Laughter heals the heart, it also energizes and revitalizes.  It awakens the indwelling powers of strength and wisdom that we might step into what is ours to do and be in a world that aches for transformation. 
For true transformation to occur, we must be and do something different.  Using laughter as the catalyst for change, here are some ways we can shift our being and doing to fill the space that laughter clears.
L ... LOVE & LIGHT.  Let Laughter be the vibration that lifts you into the Love and Light of your Spiritual Self
A ... APPRECIATE; ACCEPT.  Let Laughter be the opening through which you appreciate and accept others in your life, an opening in which you enter into living in oneness
U...UNDERSTAND. Let laughter be a key to UNDERSTANDING that all are one. Let it be an opportunity to explore, communicate and learn something new about one another that we may more deeply understand one another
G ... GRATITUDE.  Let Laughter be a reminder of all that we can be grateful for.  And let it also be a reminder to be grateful for what comes up for healing.  Until what is buried, deeply covered and hidden in us is revealed for healing it holds us in a place of bondage to it.  In gratitude, we can bless the challenging events in our lives and the opportunity they present for spiritual, emotional and even physical transformation.
H ... HELPING HANDS. Help one another any way we can.  Let laughter be a doorway in our minds and hearts.  Let the healing of our hearts inspire us to help one another.  For as long as one of us is in pain, as long of one of us is struggling, we all are affected.  Helping one another is how we heal the collective heart.
LAUGH. LAUGH out loud.  Let it be the sound of joy and Divine Love expressing, healing, and revitalizing us as we step forward in our ongoing endeavors to create a world that works for all.
© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra