Let's Go Bouldering

Boulders, are multilayered erroneous stories built up in our consciousness over the years.  They carry a low vibration that continually attracts additional layers of dense energy, interfering with what we affirm and choose to manifest. These boulders can be dismantled, shattered, and dissolved when addressed clearly from a higher vibration than that which created them and we release them once and for all.  This was the subject of our Sunday message on August 8th.  During the talk, I shared with you a series of Affirmations from the book "I Am The Word," by Paul Selig.  These affirmations are designed to assist us in reclaiming our Christ self and reaching the higher vibration necessary to dismantle boulders we may have carried for years, or even lifetimes.   The affirmations are reprinted below.  

Affirmations for Dismantling Boulders
(Adapted from “I Am The Word” by Paul Selig)
  • I AM Word through this intention
  • I AM Word through this thing that I identify as pain
  • I AM Word through my body. Word I Am Word
  • I AM Word through my vibration. Word I Am Word
  • I AM Word through my knowing myself as Word
  • Word I AM Word 

A study group based on the book "I Am The Word," begins Monday, August 8th at 7 pm in our Chapel.  The group is offered on a love offering basis and all proceeds benefit our Spirtiual Center