Living the Dream of Your Heart

At the heart of you lies a dream. It may be something you have always wanted to do, to be, to experience. Or it may be a dream of a world that aligns more closely with your understanding of Spirit. It may be a dream you suddenly heard calling to you just yesterday, or it may be a dream that has been softly calling and gently nudging you since you took your first breath.

A young girl named Elizabeth is an example of the latter. Elizabeth was born in Texas in 1892 and she had a very big dream.  Her dream was so big in fact that her mother who always encouraged her to “make something of herself,” cautioned her to be more realistic about her dreams.  You see Elizabeth wanted to fly. Not like a bird, but like the Wright Brothers whom she had read about when the traveling library had visited her town.  She was inspired by them and could only imagine what it must be like to fly about in the clear blue sky, touching puffy little clouds on a bright spring day.  She dreamed of flying somewhere over the rainbow like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, escaping the dreariness of life on a farm.

Elizabeth’s life was filled with household chores. She cleaned and cooked and cared for her younger siblings so her mother could work to make ends meet. She attended the one-room schoolhouse near her home whenever she could get away from her chores.  When asked by her teacher what she wanted to be when she grew up, Elizabeth told her she wanted to be an aviator.  Her teacher scoffed and told her to set her sights on what she could achieve. But Elizabeth was determined.  She saved enough money from taking in laundry to attend one semester of college. Then, after taking in more laundry, she saved enough to move to Chicago where her older brother lived. There, she thought, perhaps she could achieve her dream.

But Chicago held more roadblocks for Elizabeth. It was 1916 and there were not many jobs available for her. So Elizabeth worked and paid her way through beauty school where she learned to be a manicurist. Soon she found a job polishing the nails of important and influential men at a local barber shop.  One of them suggested that if she truly wanted to be an aviator she should learn to speak French and move to France. Flight schools in France he said were much more likely to admit her. And so she did. She practiced French at night and polished nails by day. She took in more laundry and saved more money and moved to France, where indeed, a flight school accepted her into their program.

And, on June 15, 1921, Elizabeth “Bessie” Coleman became the first African American to receive an international pilot’s license.  In fact, Bessie became the first black woman in the world to fly an airplane and she did it two years before Amelia Earhart.

Bessie was inspired by the commitment of the Wright Brothers to a seemingly impossible dream of building a plane that would allow humans to fly.  She was inspired by the determination of Dorothy Gale who despite many challenges remained steadfast on her journey to Oz and the discovery that she had always had the power to go home, if only she believed.  Bessie was inspired. She was committed. And, she believed in herself.

When you consider the dream written upon your heart, the one you just discovered, or the one that has always been with you, you must ask, ‘who do I believe in?  Do I believe in myself? Or, do I believe in the naysayers, the ones who would convince me to remain small?’ 

Having defined yourself as worthy and trusting Spirit to attract the resources and connections necessary to manifest your dream you must also ask, ‘What am I committed to? Am I committed to the dream? Or, am I committed to some perceived, disempowering future?’

To truly manifest the dreams of your heart, you must believe in yourself as a deserving, unique spiritual being destined to play your role in the greater whole.  You must define your dream. What is it that makes your heart truly sing? And you must make a commitment to reach for your dream with confidence, expecting success. Speak your dream aloud. Tell yourself and the universe what it is that has been calling you since your first breath.  The universe will most assuredly respond. 

Bessie had a dream. She dreamed of flying through the sky. She remained determined and believed in herself despite challenges, prejudice and the limited beliefs of others who could not share her dream.  She deserved her dream. She deserved it because it was written upon her heart. Bessie’s dream became a door for others to reach their dreams as well.  She used her talents to help others, to inspire others, to teach others to fly. She used her fame as a stunt pilot to engender equality, turning down shows that would not allow whites and blacks to use the same entrance to the show. Her dream was a gift to her and it was a gift to others.  Your dream, the one you are thinking about right now is a gift to you, and it is a gift to all who will be touched and inspired by your manifesting it. You deserve it. It is yours to do and be.  Believe it and let the dream begin!

(c) 2018. Rev. Eileen Patra