Loving Yourself: A 40-day Practice

In our 40-day practice of faith, gratitude and self-love at Unity of Livonia, we are preparing a new ground in our consciousness; one that recognizes the many, if subtle, ways that God shows up each day, the many things we can be grateful for which gives us hope and the blessing of loving ourselves.

Loving yourself is not about becoming more egocentric or selfish. It is about recognizing the true spiritual being unfolding and growing from within. We have plenty of experience with judging ourselves. We spend, most of us, a great deal of time berating ourselves. But we spend precious little recognizing the great spiritual being within us trying to be expressed. We forget sometimes that kindness, compassion and forgiveness are the tools that nurture well-being and that we are just as deserving of these as those whom we work to bestow them upon. Remember, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” requires that you love yourself. Love requires compassion, kindness and forgiveness. Find at least three things that you love about yourself today. You are after all the offspring of the Divine, a perfect child of God. Namaste’