Mastering the Inner Maniac

Ever notice the voice inside your head? The one that talks incessantly? It describes every detail of everything you see, feel, hear and smell. And then just in case you might be interested it goes on to give you a detailed commentary, as historical review and a prediction of the future. It can be helpful of course at times and it can also be a great distraction to the peaceful inner being that you truly are. It can distract you from a place of balance, observation and pure being.

Ekharte Tolle’ and Michael Singer both reference the voice inside your head and suggest that we learn to quiet this voice. Psychologists call it the inner critic, the voice that often discounts and discourages that which we choose to manifest. When this inner critic or incessant chatter mouth becomes the dominant voice you can become absorbed in a belief that you are that voice. And you most definitely are not!

Mastering the inner maniac begins with three very simple and important tasks. First, observe the voice. Notice what it is thinking and saying and who it is that observes the voice. Second, have compassion for the voice as it tries desperately to watch out for you. Third, set boundaries for this voice as if it were a dear friend who talks too much. Let it know when you are willing to listen and when you are not. Thank the voice for its observation and the let it know that you; the you behind the thoughts, the you behind the feelings, the inner beingness of you will handle everything from here. There is nothing to fear.