Mothers of Intention

Mothers come in a variety of sizes, colors and abilities. Ideally, they nurture their child helping them grow in stature and Spirit.  For most of us there was someone who played that mother figure in our lives who nurtured us, guided us, protected us, and gave us words of encouragement when we needed it most. But whether we are male, female, young or old, each of us has within us the mother quality.

We are all Mothers of Intention continually giving birth to and nurturing intentions. And yes, “Mothers of Invention” by Frank Zappa was indeed the inspiration for this title.  The album featured a song that annoyed many a parent as it endlessly repeated the words “Help. I’m a rock!  Help. I’m a rock!” Far from annoying, I found it interesting.  

From a metaphysical perspective, a rock is solid, vibrating at a lower frequency than that which moves.  The words insinuate a helpless state of being, where one is entrapped in a heavy substance.  The consciousness in which intention is born is a higher frequency than our physical experience. Divine ideas take hold in a mind that is open and receptive to spiritual inspiration. Once implanted in mind, the soul nudges us to express the intention written in our mind and heart.  And with “good intentions” we set about to do just that.  But it is in the expression that things often get muddled and lower frequencies of thought and experience begin bury that intention.  The higher frequency of our spiritual being becomes encased in a lower frequency formed of fear, worry, judgment and false beliefs. “Help! I’ve become a rock!”

To shatter the rock, it is necessary to spend time in the silence, the quiet place within where we resonate more fully with our spiritual potential, reconnecting with a higher frequency of thought.  Here we remember on a soul level our original intention.  We recollect the passion of our hearts, the talents and gifts we were born to share.

Sometimes events outside of ourselves will call us abruptly to this place in mind.  When the soul gets so far off track from its original intention, there is a calling back that may appear as conflict, illness, dis-ease, or trauma of some sort.  From our human perspective we tend to judge these events as bad or sad.  But who are we to name them as bad? Perhaps they are the soul gently guiding us back to our original intention.

In Truth, there is only one intention, the Divine Intention to express God, the essence of Life and unconditional Love to the best of our ability. In the Mind of God, we are born as the perfect idea of humankind, with individualized gifts, talents and intentions of expressing God in some very special way. We are indeed Mothers of Intention, giving birth to divine ideas, and learning every day how we might more fully express the Intention from which we are born.

© 2016. Rev. Eileen Patra