Now I S.E.E.

In the story of the blind beggar (John 9:1-22) we find Jesus once again working with a higher, Spiritual law.  He quickly discounts the idea that the man or his parents were responsible for blindness.  Instead, he suggests that it is our work to bring forth the works of God. In essence he is saying that God created what is perfect, and it is our work to manifest what God has created. He then asks the man to choose whether he wants to be healed, applies a poultice of mud and sends him to the pool of Siloam to wash the mud from his eyes. Following these steps, the man gains his sight.

Inviting the blind beggar to take part in the healing illustrates that we are to be active participants in manifesting God’s good.  Metaphorically, we learn that gaining the ability to “see with eyes that see,” begins with a choice and is accomplished with specific steps.  A simple way to remember these steps and make them a part of our spiritual tool box is to remember these words, “NOW I S.E.E.”

NOW I:  In the NOW moment we align with the “I am,”, the higher power of God within us. The place in mind in which we allow the power of God to work through us is in the present moment. Jesus tells the crowds to stop looking to the past, “... who sinned, this man or his parents,” and look instead to revealing the works of God.

S – Stop. Just Stop.  STOP believing what you SEE with your PHYSICAL EYES and through the lens of history, past, limitation, and error thoughts.  Healing and seeing a greater picture cannot happen while our hearts cling to the past and our minds wander to the future. So we must stop holding on to images of the past, of blame, of powerlessness, and create a space for a new image to be held.

E – Expand Our Vision.  We must expand our vision to see beyond the physical experience.  What we see and experience in our lives is ultimately a result of the images we hold in mind.  Jesus refers to the works of God which are the perfect idea of man.  When we expand, we look beyond the current experience or circumstance and affirm that there is a greater, more perfect image awaiting our attention. If what we are experiencing is not what we want to see, we can change it.  Not by fighting with what is manifesting, but by holding a greater vision, seeing the energy beneath what is occurring.  

E... Embrace The Image.  To embrace is to hold and keep close. Embracing a greater vision is to choose to live from an expanded view of the world that aligns with a higher, spiritual principle.  Jesus asked the blind man, “Do you want to be healed?”   The Christ within us asks us the same and invites us to go to the pool of Siloam, the consciousness from which we were sent, where what we see with our physical eyes is washed away and we see all things through the eyes of God.  Here, at last, we see with eyes that truly see.

© 2016 Reverend Eileen Patra