One Affirmation To Rule Them All!

What if there was one affirmation that could work for anything you wanted to manifest; one affirmation to rule them all?  What if just a few words spoken aloud could shift your emotions and energy to a higher level and bring you instant joy, peace and wholeness, regardless of the circumstance? 

Affirmations and denials are a form of affirmative prayer. They are tools we use to shift our attention from a problem to a solution; from a false belief to a greater Truth.  Jesus used affirmative prayer when he raised Lazarus from the dead.  Asking for the stone to be removed from the tomb, he denied the power of the stone to hold Lazarus in a place of lifelessness.  Jesus then raised his eyes and called on God in prayer.  As Jesus raised his eyes, he looked for a higher image, a higher thought.  He gave thanks knowing that his prayer had already been accomplished in Spirit.  He said, “Thank you Father for hearing me. I know that you always hear me.” Then, Jesus called to Lazarus in a loud voice, “Lazarus, come out!” And Lazarus indeed came out of the tomb to the utter dismay of all the onlookers.

Denials are statements that remove the appearance of power from a situation, like a stone from a tomb.  An affirmation then fills the space in mind with a positive statement.  Scientifically, the affirmation creates new neural pathways in the brain.  Simple, affirming words spoken with power and conviction or “ a loud voice, “ create an awakened path in the mind. The shift in consciousness then brings renewed life to a situation that might have appeared lifeless or even hopeless.

Denials and affirmations are quite simple to use and very effective when we know what thought we wish to roll away.  They work well when we know what we want to bring forth.  We carefully craft a phrase that affirms the desired outcome and imagine it as already done.  Our higher thoughts create a higher vibration and attract a more desirable outcome.  But what happens when the unexpected occurs?  What happens when your world suddenly seems tipped upside down? What then?

Then you need an affirmative prayer that’s quick, to the point, one that will work no matter what. There is one phrase that easily awakens what appeared to be lifeless; five words that lift our eyes to a greater vision, instantly dissolving negative emotions and stuck energy.  The words are familiar to many. They are the final words of a well-loved Unity prayer that is known the world over.  “Wherever I AM, God is.”

In June of 2012 I attended the International Youth of Unity conference at Unity Village.  During our stay a group photograph was to be taken on the Bridge of Faith.  As the teens and adults positioned themselves on the quaint little bridge spanning the Unity fountains, the photographer climbed to the top of an 11 foot ladder.  As she adjusted her position she suddenly fell from the ladder to the concrete step below.  The crowd gasped as she crumpled to a seemingly lifeless heap at the bottom of the ladder. Then suddenly, from the back of the group came these familiar words, “The Light of God surrounds you.” Everyone quickly joined in with, “the Love of God enfolds you, the Power of God protects you, the Presence of God watches over you.  Wherever you are, God is.”  The crowd dispersed, EMS arrived and the photographer was taken to the hospital where her only injury proved to be a broken arm.  All who witnessed the fall were amazed that it was her only injury given how she looked when she fell.  There was no doubt that those timely words had carried a healing power with them and brought forth a miracle.

Our words are powerful.  Our thoughts create our experiences and our spoken words give life to our thoughts.  I have experienced a great shift in energy using those simple words, “Wherever I AM, God is.” I have felt my entire being relax, suddenly reminded that God is present in the most trying of circumstances.  I have witnessed a shift in the energy of an entire room, as those words were spoken.

Affirming that God is present helps us lift our vision to a higher perspective.  From this higher place in mind, what seemed like an obstacle made of stone is dissolved.  Vibrating at a higher frequency, we see with higher vision and what appeared lifeless is brought forth with renewed energy and vitality.  Awakened from our slumber we remember that God is present in all beings and all things.  We remember that we live, move and have being in God.  When we remember our oneness and wholeness in God all that is not whole quickly dissolves. Remembrance of wholeness in God is just five simple words away in any given moment, in any given circumstance, “Wherever I AM, God is.”

© 2015. Rev. Eileen Patra