The Places We Go

June. It’s the season for graduations and no doubt the Dr. Seuss poem “The Places You'll Go" will make a reappearance or two. It is a perfect sendoff to graduates acknowledging the exciting times ahead, as well as the challenges of life that lay before them.  And through it all there is a sense of playfulness and an acknowledgement that wherever one goes, it will all be ok. 
Whether you are graduating high school, getting married, planning retirement or simply living day to day, there are many things to do and many places to go.  We go to school, to work, to stores, to concerts movies and plays. We go to jury duty, memorials, doctor’s visits and eye exams.  We go to all kinds of places in all kinds of settings. But what about the places we go in our minds and our heads?  Surely there are at least as many of these as the places we go with our legs and our feet.  In fact, I believe that the places we go in our minds deserve a poem as well. So I’ve written one.
OH THE PLACES WE GO by Rev. Eileen Patra
Oh the places we go,
In our minds and our heads,
From sunrise to sundown,
Even tucked in our beds. 
We fret and we worry, 
Bout things we must do.
We go to regrets and,
Get angry then stew.
We go to stressed places,
Our stomachs in knots. 
We go to excitement, 
Then down just a notch.
Till all of a sudden,
We breathe and relax.
We settle our minds,
And now we are back. 
We’ve been fixed on the future,
Then stuck in the past.
But the peace that’s inside us,
Is the one that will last.
We breathe in the presence,
That’s right here and right now.
Then Wholeness and Wonder,
Spring forth with a bow. 
© 2016. Reverend Eileen DeRosia Patra