Power of the Month for August: Will

Spiritual Power
of the Month
August: Will
Disciple: Matthew
Color: Silver

It is our job in developing our God-given potential to reeducate the will, the directing power of our mind, to teach it to become receptive to spiritual motivation, rather than to goals determined by our materialistic pursuits alone. One way or another, we are using our will, our executive mind power, all the time. We choose a course of action. We resist or resent. We submit or fight back. We aim high or we slide backward. Or we are willing to consecrate and dedicate our will to Spirit and to let it be reeducated to go Spirit's way.
Jesus was our great Way Shower in overcoming the human, selfish motivation of the will and allowing it to be replaced by a great unification with the divine will, producing good for all. When you find yourself confronted by a strong will that insists you go its way, turn within to the Christ, the God self, the spiritual core of your nature, and silently say to the other person:

“The Christ in me beholds the Christ in you.”
Let the love of God and the understanding of the spiritual nature of that other person pour forth from you so strongly that there is no conflict of human wills. Rather, there is a higher power at work, establishing harmony and order.
"I move forward with confidence as I consciously choose
each step on my path"