Power of the Month for March: Strength

Spiritual Power
of the Month
March: Strength
Disciple: Andrew
Color: Light Green

In the physical realm, strength is vitality, endurance, the ability to persist. But strength is not simply a physical quality. In the mental area of expression, strength is that quality of mind which enables one to lead, to accomplish, to follow through on decisions, to establish purposes in life, and to hold firm to spiritual principles in daily living. It expresses itself as stability of character.
The highest expression of strength is found in the spiritual realm, where it is closely aligned with faith. Strength is a quality that we can and must develop if we are to bring forth our Spirit-given potential.
As you begin your development of this faculty, declare quietly to yourself: Through the will and the work of Spirit within, my God-given potential of strength is developed and expressed—easily and in divine order. Remember that strength is to be developed easily, not with tension and strain, but with a relaxed, trusting attitude.
"I have Strength to accomplish all that is mine to do"