Power of the Month for May: Power

Spiritual Power
of the Month
May: Power
Disciple: Philip
Color: Purple

Truly, power is a gift from Spirit, freely given, but it is a gift to be used under Spirit direction only. Wrong use of the Spirit-given power potential will bring disappointing or even disastrous results. But power, rightly used under the direction of the Christ, the God self of each individual, will accomplish good beyond our present ability to imagine.
Power, we must understand, is not an end in itself, not a goal to be sought.
Rather, it is simply a means that enables us to attain the end result of bringing forth good ideas on earth. It is not to be used for selfish gain or satisfaction of the personal ego, but for the forward spiritual movement of the whole. It is to be exercised not for the purpose of controlling others, but for the purpose of taking dominion over our own thoughts and feelings in order to come into a greater spiritual awareness.
Power is released by consciously speaking positive, powerful words of Truth. 
"I have the power to create my world."