Power of the Month for October: Zeal


Color: Orange

Zeal is the inner flame that burns brightly for all to see. When you are filled with spiritual enthusiasm, you are joyous and energetic, your senses are quickened and awakened to new life, and you have a new feeling of being vitally alive.
When first awakened to spiritual ideas, we may be carried away in our desire to transform the world—or even just to change our family and friends. But we must learn to direct this energy first toward transforming ourselves, bringing forth our own spiritual nature. Our greatest influence on others will be the result of the changes we have made in ourselves.
Enthusiasm developed as a spiritual attribute and dedicated to Spirit's will and work will carry us to mountaintops of spiritual experience and help us immeasurably in the awakening of our other powers.
"I enthusiastically accept my good and go forward to achieve my purpose"