Raising prosperity consciousness for yourself, the church and the world!

In honor of Unity of Livonia’s Diamond Anniversary, volunteers have assembled Prosperity Jars for you use over the next 60 days.  Place a monetary donation into the jar each day for the next 60 days while repeating the affirmations below.  It does not matter how much you decide to place in the jar each day.  Give what works for you.  Then on Sunday March 13th, return your jar to Unity of Livonia.  We will bless the contents and recycle the jars to keep them out of our landfills.  The donations collected will be used to fund our celebrations in commemoration of our Diamond Anniversary and raise our prosperity consciousness.

  • God is my source, therefore, my good is unlimited
  • I am healthy, creative, and prosperous
  • God blesses Unity of Livonia with loving and wise leadership
  • Unity of Livonia is in the flow of absolute abundance
  • Planet Earth is God’s love in creation

If you are unable to pick up your Prosperity Jar at the church, you may create one of your own.  Just find a clean jar; actually any vessel will do.  And make your daily donation while saying the above affirmations when you do.  Together we will develop our prosperity consciousness and our awareness of God’s abundance in our life.