There's An App for That

Embodying Truth is to fully integrate that Truth into your entire consciousness. Embodying the Truth that there is only One Power, One Presence, One Activity, God the Good, Everywhere present and that this One Power, One Presence is present within me as the Christ Mind I live a life of peace, harmony and wholeness. Joel Goldsmith, in his book "Living Between Two Worlds," calls this attaining Christhood, that which Jesus taught and assured us when he said "...this and greater works shall you also do." But, this Truth of our nature must be first fully integrated into every aspect of our consciousness; which are our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values, attitudes, words, actions, and reactions.

Joel tells us that doing embodying Truth is the result of intentional practice. "You alone determine to what degree you will attain Christhood. [Embodying Truth] If you wish to devote an hour to truth on Sunday, it will certainly benefit you in some measure. If you decide to devote an hour to truth every day, it will benefit you that much more. If you decide that during some part of every hour of every day you will allow some truth to circulate in our consciousness, there will be that much more of fruitage in your life."

How would you be, how would you feel if you were to remind yourself every hour on the hour of this Truth, that there is only One Power, One Presence, On Activity and that this One Power, is continuously active in you as the Christ Mind that directs you according to your willingness to receive? Charles Fillmore taught that taking just five minutes every hour to be in the "silence" would cause you to be more productive than simply plowing through the tasks of your day. It is indeed a fruitful practice. And, it is easy to forget. But, there is an APP for that!

Unity offers an app that connects us the Silent Unity, our 24/7 prayer ministry. The app makes it easy to make a prayer request, check in for an affirmation or two that restore your sense of oneness with the Divine, and audio tracts of the Silent Unity Prayer Service meditation and the Prayer for Protection. There are also apps available for both iphone and android that allow you to set an hourly reminder (with time off for sleep). I loaded one challed "Chimes" on my iphone. It is set to chime a tibetan bell every hour from 8:00 am till 10:00 pm to remind me to affirm, "God Is and I Am. 

~ Rev. Eileen Patra, Senior Minister, Unity of Livoni