The Watermelon Credo, Parts I & II

The Sunday Messages on July 16th & 23rd were inspired by The Watermelon Credo by Wally Amos, better known as Famous Amos. The credo utilizes an acronym of the word Watermelon to provide some powerful tools for living.  In Part I of this Sunday Message series we covered the first five, WATER, and continued on to the second half, MELON, on July 23rd.  These rules for life align well with our Unity teachings and are of great value in keeping our Spiritual cool when life heats up.  [watch video of part I now]


Whatever You Believe Creates Your Reality
Attitude is the Magic Word
Together Everyone Achieves More
Enthusiasm is the Wellspring of Life
Respect for Yourself as well as Others
Make a commitment
Everyday can be a fun day
Love is the answer, whatever the question
One day at a time
Never become a victim
                                                  ~ Wally Amos

... (more on the topic of Never becoming a Victim at the Wednesday night service July 26th at 7:00 pm)

Watch the video of Part I on YouTube: