Who Am I, Why Am I Here (One Affirmation, part 2)

Who has not wondered "Who am I and why am I here?"  I recall an episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" when Ray's daughter Allie wanted to know just that.  Because she asked "How do we get here?" Ray thought he was about to have the "Where do babies come from?" talk with her.  But she quickly assured him she had an idea what that was about. She wanted to know 'WHY” are we HERE? How did we get to this place called earth? Why did God put us here?'  Ray was speechless.  This was a much tougher question.  

Is this question as unfathomable as we think? Or is it so simple we fail to see it? Humankind has been pondering the meaning of life, the reason for our human experience since the beginning of time.  The answer seemed suddenly clear to me as I watched the recent screening of “A Chorus in Miracles.”   James Twyman, the producer of the film, was singing Lesson 62 of “A Course in Miracles.”  What I heard was “My only function is to love what God gave me.”  Simple. Yet so profound.  A function is a job or a purpose.  It is the why. The words were repeated over and over and became ingrained in my mind. God-bumps tingled up and down my arms.

If my only function is to love what God gave me perhaps I don’t need to spend my energy judging anything or anyone.  If my only function is to love what God gave me, perhaps the current challenge is simply an opportunity for me to practice this, to grow in my ability to complete this function.  Maybe the only reason I am here is to learn to love whatever comes my way. So simple.  I wondered though, ‘What about those things I just can’t love?  What about this?  How can I love even this?’ And the answer was, I can ask for help. 

When Jesus hung from the cross on Calvary he asked God to forgive those who had put him there. He said “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”  The very essence of Christ consciousness, Jesus, had to ask for help to forgive those who hurt him!  Perhaps I can do the same so I can learn to love whatever God gave me!  Perhaps even this is something I can grow from. I can learn to love. I can learn to ask for help. I can learn that in fact I am not alone.  I can remember “Wherever I AM, God is.”  What a perfect affirmation to remind me that I am never alone in this quest to “love what God gave me.”  I can use this affirmation whenever I am faced with something that causes me to feel pain, to feel alone, to feel powerless.  It reminds me that the power of God within me is greater than whatever appears before me. One Affirmation to Rule them All!

But the story doesn’t end there.  You see, I heard the words differently than they actually appear in the Course.  Lesson 62 of “A Course in Miracles” says “My only function is THE ONE God gave me.”  Another round of God-bumps ran up and down my body as I read those words.  A new thought emerged. ‘Perhaps,’ I thought, ‘If I can’t love it, God didn’t give it to me!’

God created me whole and perfect. God is Love and gave me only Love.  Perhaps my purpose is to be that; whole, complete, a perfect expression of Love.  There is only one function that God gave me. There is only one purpose to my awareness of being.  And that is to BE Love. When the question comes up, “Why am I here?” perhaps I need only remind myself that “Here” is wherever I am, and “Wherever I AM, God is.”   I am One with God, One with Love, whole and complete and I am here to be Love.

© 2015. Rev. Eileen Patra