Festival Presentations - October 6, 2018

           Fabulous Workshops!                

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10:00 a.m.                  Doors Open 


10:30-10:55          Wise Owl Enterprises- Norma Nicholson

                                    Finding the Gift in Change You Didn't Ask For

                                     Norma will be sharing her new book.

Looking through a different set of eyes at your experiences. Changing your perspective changes everything and brings you into your life



11:00- 11:50          ABC's of Ayurveda -  Sheryl Mahnke 

                                         Introdution to principles of Living an Ayurvedic Lifestyle

What ia Ayurveda, what is its orgin and founding principles? How can these help with the prevention of disease based upon and constitution. Looking at both the physical, emotional makeup of each dosha and how they differ. How Ayurveda influences our spiritual being.



12:00-12:25                Pure Chiropratic- Alyssa Keeling

                                       Health & Healing from Within

                                       Natural healing of the body.

How to jump start you nervous system to properly heal itself.


1:00- 2:00                   Chandan Paramaswara Pranic Healing- Val Talia

                                    Taking Control of Your Physical, Emotional & Mental Health

Introduction to Pranic Healing, an effective and powerful no-touching healing modality that uses energy, or prana, to heal physical, emotional, and mental ailments.


2:15- 2:55                  Ron Muka - Working with the Ego and Subconscious Mind

The Ego and Subconcious mind are sepearate from ourselves. Explore the good and negative they provide for us and learn how to benefit from the good and mitigate the negative.


3:00- 3:35                   Heartfulness Institute- Dr. Ranjani & Balaji Iyer

                                        Self Development & Joy through Heartfulness

                                   Discussion on simple tools and techniques based on Heartfulness approach to a balanced life. 

                                     Objectives -1. Need for Meditation, 2. Studies & Reseach on Meditation 3. Heartfulness Toolkit.


4:00- 4:25               Youngevity- Betty Hines

                                       Minerals; the Missing Element in Almost Everyone's Diet

 Minerals have been missing from the soil for decades, so you are probably missing at least a few of these small but powerful elements of health. You will learn in this workshop why they are necessary, what caused the problem and how to fix it.


45 Vendors Offering a vast variety of Wellness Products, Presentations & Practices!

All at Unity of Livonia. 28660 Five Mile Road, Livonia, MI 734-421-1760