A positive path for spiritual living


Prayer Chaplains

Our Prayer Chaplains receive in-depth training to learn how to pray affirmatively with you. A gentle voice in the midst of chaos can help us to feel the Presence of Spirit again. Prayer Chaplains are available for private prayer on Sundays after our 10 am service.  Additionally, prayer requests submitted at church, by phone or email are held in prayer for 30 days by our Prayer Chaplains and the Prayer Ministry Team. After 30 days, your prayer request is sent to Silent Unity for another 30 days of prayer.

Prayer Chaplains and our Prayer Ministry Team also hold your prayer requests in prayer daily for 30 days.



Silent Unity

There is a light that shines in Silent Unity 24 hours a day. This light represents a spiritual light generated by more than 100 years of constant prayer. It is the light of thousands of voices who join in speaking words of faith and blessing. It is a light lit by many decades of faith in God and by many hearts and minds united in the love of God.

The Unity approach to prayer is affirmative. It is based on positive prayers and affirmations that have universal interfaith appeal.